Made in Germany

Public welfare affects us all

The individual companies within the group portray themselves as highly qualified manufacturers of wires, wire ropes, textile sling gear and ribbed expanded metal. Flexibility, experience and know-how are the group’s greatest strengths. Social, economic and ecological obligations as well as sustainability go hand-in-hand with our business.

Following the wishes of the family, the Vom Hofe Group was transferred into a foundation. Sustainability is necessary in order for the Board of Trustees to uphold the purpose of the foundation. The Erwin-Reinecke-Stiftung reinvests a large part of its profits in its employees, for their training or for continuation training, as well as in technology and buildings. In addition, surpluses are regularly accrued by the sole benificiary, the charitable organisation Evangelische Perthes-Stiftung e.V., a registered society that supports the old, the ill and the handicapped as well as helping those in need. Furthermore, many other community activities are sustained and supported by the Vom Hofe Group.

All sister companies of the Vom Hofe Group are fully owned by the Wilhelm vom Hofe Drahtwerke GmbH.